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Wellness Dental Clinic
Chester Wellness Centre
Wrexham Road
Chester, CH4 9DE
Tel: 01244 680214 / 01244 677797

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Private Dental Treatment

Here's what some of our patients have said...

When I started suffering with gum recession I approached my NHS dentist who was unsympathetic and could not offer me any help other than to advise me on cleaning my teeth properly. I was hugely upset, aesthetically my teeth looked very unappealing, I had bone loss and gaps in my gums had appeared that were hugely noticeable.

I decided to consult a private dentist and had received a personal recommendation for The Wellness Dental Clinic. My first worry was about the cost implications however, I decided to join the monthly plan that ensured I could look after my teeth throughout the year without having any shock bills and by joining the plan I also received 20% discount on a variety of additional services.

I had a consultation with Dr Sarah Hussain and I felt at ease immediately, Sarah and the staff were very welcoming and accommodating.

First of all I was advised to get my gum health back up to scratch which they helped with straight away by giving my teeth a scale and polish. We then talked about ways of hiding these unsightly gaps. The great thing about The Wellness is that they will only advise what genuinely needs to be done, I thought veneers may be needed but the dentist advised that using composite filler and whitening would work, which was much more affordable and less damaging to the teeth.

I am now mid-way through my treatments and everything is going well. Even if problems have occurred the staffs have always been on hand to suggest other alternatives and reassure me if I have been worried. I cannot wait now until my teeth are gleaming white and some of my gum recession has been hidden, I’ll be able to smile again.

I would certainly recommend The Wellness to anyone that wanted to receive a high standard of dentistry care, in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Holly Venning

Going to the Dentist

If the above headline fills you with dread I can understand it!

It is well known that it is only those teeth that you wish to keep that you need to look after!

As one of the many people who fear the dentist chair, I appreciate that going to the dentist is important but have always been reluctant to commit to going. This is because of some horrendous previous experiences with which you might be capable of mirroring.

I can only say that, from personal experience the dental practice at The Wellness Centre has changed my attitude entirely.
Accordingly I decided to place in the public domain, both my previous fears and my subsequent relief, as an accolade to the professionalism and care demonstrated to me at the Dental Practice at the Wellness Centre in Chester.

I am delighted to so to do and will be happy to reassure anyone who may be reluctant to take the plunge!
Please contact me by phone or fax as given below if I can be of further help.
I am completely unconnected to the practice and my relationship is entirely as a patient – however my experience has prompted me to supply this unsolicited testimonial.

Bill Smart

More testimonials:

' Excellent service, so friendly, will recommend to all my friends and associates.' Good luck for the future, see you in 3 months.' 11/08

'A painfree, gentle and very thorough treatment.' 28/11/2008

'I am absolutely thrilled with Sarah's work. She is so thorough in what she does. Both dentists Sarah and Zahra are very friendly and efficient and I have 100% confidence in them - the dental nurse should also get a mention as she is very friendly and puts you at ease - well done to them all.'

'Extremely pleased with the extensive work I have had done. Treatment well explained and thoroughly discussed. Any anxieties I had were soon gone due to the care and attention I had from Sarah..... I would recommend the WELLNESS DENTAL CLINIC. Many thanks Sarah and Zahra.' 1/12/08

'Excellent and friendly service. Treatment was well explained and carried out with great care. Follow-ups have been superb and I cannot recommend the surgery enough!' 15/12/2008

'I have never received such professional and friendly service carried out in such a charming and happy atmosphere. I have always dreaded a visit to the dentist and now it is a pleasure....thank you so much....' 15/12/08

'Once again wonderful relaxing staff with a sense of humour which makes dental visits a pleasure not a pain. See you in June I'm looking forward to my next visit.' 12/12/08

'If all dental work was that gentle and easy, we'd all have beautiful teeth! Many thanks.' 4/12/08

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